Wings 4 Christ

Should the Lord be leading you to support this exciting new project, we pray that you will carefully, and prayerfully look at the following needs list. Aviation costs are always high, and are never ending. As long as we are willing to give generously to this project, the Lord will bless, and many souls will be touched . Lives will be changed! Decisions for Christ will be made. Souls will be saved for eternity!

Thank you for taking the time to consider assisting this project with your faithful contribution(s).

God Bless

IMPORTANT: Each “Need” has a REFERENCE CODE” attached to it. If you should wish to make a financial contribution to this project, please visit our “Donate” link and use the “Reference Code” to indicate which project it is that you would like your funding to go to.


  • A Second Airplane :

Currently we have a single “ultra light” plane which has been donated to us. This plane however requires modification as it is only a single-seater. Plans are under way to convert it to a two-seater thus enabling it to carry a second person or to possibly airlift someone in need.

The goal for “Wings 4 Christ” is to reach unreached areas of Thailand (and possibly Burma as well), with the Good News of Jesus! This is not a work for just a single person, but requires a team to travel to various remote villages. This is why the need for a second plane has become critical. It is only with your help that we will be able to send out small groups of people with equipment to these unentered areas.

Initially the cost for a second plane was $20 000.00 including shipping and customs. But the Lord is good! MORE THAN GOOD!

The Lord has provided us with someone who is willing to build us a second plane according to our special needs. All work will be done at cost! Praise the Lord!

Already we have a second person who is willing to do all the welding work for the plane – FREE OF CHARGE! Praise the Lord again!!!

Someone else has already donated an engine for the plane – once again – FREE OF CHARGE!! Praise the Lord for His loving kindness.

Now all that remains is to purchase the necessary materials.


We estimate the cost of these materials to be $8 000.



  • A Hanger :

Currently we do not have place to store our plane, and we need to have a workshop area for the maintenance of the plane. With the help of the local people we are able  to build a hanger for two airplanes complete with workshop facilities for substantially less than if we got a contractor in to do this work.


To construct a hanger for two planes complete with workshop area $2 000.



  • Fuel and Maintenance :

An airplane without the proper maintenance and fuel, is just a heap of parts neatly assembled on the ground. It’s of not much use to any one. This is why we urgently need the donations and support of people who are willing to support this project on a monthly basis.

We have worked out our cost based on three flights per week. This would include mercy flights for those who need emergency care at a hospital.


Maintenance and fuel needs for a single plane will be $500.00 per month.



  • Training :

    The laws of aviation vary from country to country. Currently in the USA there is no legal requirement for someone to be “qualified” in order to fly an Ultra light. However in Thailand the law is different! The requirement is that if you wish to fly an Ultra light you need to have completed a minimum of 20 hrs of flying and you need to complete a competency test.

    When Travis went to  see the General in charge of Aviation for Thailand, he made Travis take him out for a test flight. After completing the test flight he said to Travis that although it was the law of the country for him to complete the necessary qualifications, that he would let Travis fly anyway! He told Travis that he need not worry about getting the appropriate qualifications!

    So we currently have approval from the General to fly unqualified! However both Travis and myself would like to complete our qualification’s.

    Upon further investigations we discovered that there were two methods for this:

    1) Supplying your own plane to train in.

    2) Using their plane.

    The costs vary dramatically! This is why we are praying that the Lord will send us our second plane (two-seater), so that we can use it to train in.

    WE NEED:

    1) If we have our own plane $800.00 per person

    2) If we use their plane $4 000.00 per person



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