When one commits one’s life to serving in the mission field, immediately financial challenges arise. Often the picture is painted of missionaries who survive on very small stipends. However this is not always a true picture.

“By Faith Ministries” do not have regular contributors, enabling budgets to be be set. If this was the case life would be somewhat easier. On the contrary, each missionary who joins the project has to do their own fund raising, in order to support themselves.

It is only thru the help of generous donors, that missionaries are able to continue their work. When funds dry up, very often missionaries are forced to go back home.

“But what about ‘Faith’ and ‘Trust in God’? Surely “God shall supply all your needs?”.”

These thoughts are often echoed in the hearts of people, when God has asked them to assist others in the missions field. Yes it is true that God does take care of His missionaries, but He does so by placing burdens on peoples hearts to give! It is when people are willing to give, that God not only blesses the mission field but the giver is blessed as well! God wants to pour out His blessings on all of us. Those in need and those who are able and willing to give.

Should you find yourself in such a position where God is impressing upon your heart to support a missionary, we ask you to prayerfully consider the needs listed here!

“The harvest is great and the workers are few!” We all need to to be willing to be used by God to assist in the closing work of this Earth’s history. Christ’s coming is closer now than ever before! Let us hasten to the call to help spread His message of love to a dying world. To people who haven’t even heard of the name of JESUS!

As you take the time to read this post I pray that you will open your heart to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Should the Lord be impressing you to support us in our work, we pray that you will take the time to prayerfully consider the needs listed in this blog. Make it a matter of urgent prayer, that God will show you and lead you, as to just how you can be of service to Him

Thank you for visiting our page and we pray that the Lord will richly guide you as you use your gifts and talents for Him.

God’s love and blessing to you

Michael and Inge


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