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Throwing out a lifeline! This is the first time that I am sending out a blog for a specific need. It was my intention to use our blog to keep friends and families informed about what we are up to. … Continue reading

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Karen National Holiday

No School! Today is National Karen Holiday. For those of you who don’t know who the Karen people are, allow me to briefly explain. The Karen people live in Burma, and are a very peace-loving people. As the story goes, … Continue reading

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Sabbath Blessings

Two Sabbaths Ago It’s Sabbath and as per usual we took a trip up to Melamoo Village where we are holding a Branch Sabbath School. The trip is really quite an experience if you have never been there before! There … Continue reading

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Wings 4 Christ

A few weeks ago I was teaching my Medical Missionary class, and trying to explain to them the difference between good fats and bad fats! The bad fats were easy as they all knew that meat had fat on it! … Continue reading

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