WOW! It’s been a LONG time!

It’s been a long time !

It really has been a long time since my last post! (Just over 4 months!)

Our Home

Our Home

A LOT has happened in our lives. We left Sunshine Orchard and moved into our new home in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai. Its small but beautiful – right next to rice fields. We have our own banana trees, papaja trees etc. Really just wonderful – but small! Too see more pics of our house  click here.

Hmong Village

Hmong Village

I accepted the position as director of All Asia Studio, where we are doing recordings in preparation for DVD, CD and Internet Broadcasting. We are also preparing for Satellite Broadcasting. So lots of work to be done. One of my greatest joys is to do field work. Usually on Sabbaths we visit local village churches (many times these churches are just mere huts). We record sermons and then ask if there are any willing to give their testimonies. In the western world this would be like asking someone to preach a sermon! But for these sincere local village people they are all to willing to share their testimony. With tears streaming down their faces they tell of the stories how they came to love Jesus. We then distribute DVD’s , VOP cards and pamphlets in the village. Everyone is involved, from the smallest child to the oldest adult. It’s truly such a blessing!

First Studio

First Studio

We have recently decided to open a second recording studio. The first recording studio (see left pic) has been given to Ps. Phamor who is working with Karen children and training them in Media work. Our vision was to acquire larger premises in which we could not only house a studio, but in which we could facilitate other Institutions, like a Missionary Training Center, Lifestyle Center, Printing Press, School etc.

After much prayer and searching for new premises in the country, the Lord has opened up new doors for us!

Possible New Studio

Possible New Studio

A dentist in Chiang Mai contacted me, saying that he has property on which he has started to build. He confesses that he actually just started to build it as a project, not really having any idea for what purpose he was building. The 3 storey building is perfect for our use! Construction is underway and hopefully will be completed by April next year. It will have housing for staff and training facilities. The location is in the country, yet next to a main road which will lead to Chiang Mai’s new Airport. The best news is that the property has access to Fibre Optic Cabling for internet!! Something we REALLY need for Live Streaming! Praise the Lord!

Currently we are all working from home, filming in the villages, and editing.


The Blue House

The Blue House

It came as quite a shock when the old lady that owned the house we stayed in, decided that she wanted it back again. The fact that we had a written one year contract with her didn’t seem to mean much! After much debating and searching we have found a wonderful brand-new brick house! (Blue House – Left)

The couple who built it are separated and she no longer wants to stay in the house! We are the first people to move in the house. It’s BIGGER with 3 bedrooms – one of which has become an office. This is where the editing gets done!

God has amazingly provided for our needs once again. The owner was in favour of signing a 6 months contract – which would take us till next year when hopefully our new premises will be ready! Praise the Lord!


Ever wanted to be part of the Worlds Biggest Water Fight? Songkran is the time of year to visit Thailand – Chiang Mai in particular! It’s FUN for all! Click here to see pics!


Daddy and Abigail in the Jungle

Daddy and Abigail in the Jungle

Our struggle with getting papers for Abigail still continues. Inge has located a NGO which is trying to get Abigail a Thai Citizen Card. This will help us greatly, as we will then be able to travel freely with her. Also we will then be able to take the next step and try to file for adoption.

Please continue to pray for us as this is a HUGE burden on both of our hearts! Abigail just celebrated her two-year birthday in September. She is beautiful and VERY intelligent! Growing up fast and a real cheerful helper around the house. We simply adore her.

Visa Run

Our last visa run took us to the northern most part of Thailand. It’s so very beautiful as you travel North. Many, many mountains, green scenery and jungle trees everywhere. We loved it. This was one of the easiest border runs we have done. Within about 15 minutes we had crossed the river into Burma, got our passports stamped and headed back into Thailand. Stocked up with nuts from the local markets we headed back home again!


I have just drawn up a constitution for a Foundation we are trying to establish in Thailand! (this is similar to a non-profit organisation). If we can get this then it would mean we could get work permits and long-term visa’s. (Visa runs are expensive). Please add this to your prayer list as well.


Thank You

Thank You

Finances are always tight. If you feel the Lord has led you to support our ministry, please click on the “Donate Tab”. Every small bit helps.

I will try to keep you posted with more pictures and videos, but lately I have been kept VERY busy! We miss you all so very much. We thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We would love to hear from you – drop us an e-mail to say “hi”

PLEASE visit our Photo album to see MANY more pics of Chiang Mai and other exciting areas! (Walking Street, Night Bazar, Songkran etc etc) Click here to visit our latest photo Albums.

May God continue to bless you too.

Michael, Inge and Abigail.


About Ross Family Missions

We (Michael and Inge Ross) are currently working as missionaries in Thailand.
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  1. lisa says:

    Wow, love your house! I am so happy that you are both doing so well. Let me know what happens with Abigail, I will be right behind you with four more if it works.

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