Moving …

Big and Unexpected Change

It all started with a border run.

Abigail and Inge in a Tuk-Tuk

Abigail and Inge in a Tuk-Tuk

We needed to do a border run to get new visas for Thailand. This entails traveling straight across Thailand to the border crossing into Laos. The problem we faced was what to do with little Abigail. We did not want to leave her with strangers! We prayed for the Lord’s guidance and once again He answered our prayers. However He answered them in more ways than one!

Lena Adams and her family were looking after Timothy in the hospital in Chiang Mai. She suggested that we take a bus to Chiang Mai, and leave Abigail with them while we did our border run to Laos. This is exactly what we did. We got our visas and a further ninety days stay in Thailand.

A surprise turn of events . . .

On our return to Chiang Mai we wanted to spend a few days sight seeing!  After all, it was school vacation. A bright Sabbath morning was when God took us down a road that would overturn the world we’ve known for the past 7months.

Thai Church at Adventist Academy

Thai Church at Adventist Academy
(building on left)

There was a special Sabbath Service at Ps. Phamor and Jesus for Asia’s studio.  Lena left Paul and Timothy at the hospital, took her kids and the three of us over to the studio – about one hour from Chiang Mai.

Between Sabbath School and the Main Service, Bill Osborne offered to show me around at the studio. I was immediately impressed with the equipment and the order in which things were laid out. All very professional! What Bill asked me next, I was not prepared for! He said that he wanted to speak to me after Sabbath about the possibility of me filling his position as Studio Director!


Wow! This was something I had not even dreamed of doing! I have always had a passion for videography and studio work. This was like a dream come true.

But what about Sunshine Orchard? What about our new family of friends that means so much to us? What about the students that both Inge and I were teaching? All these questions! Was this really God’s leading? This called for much prayer and guidance.

And so we prayed about it and we both felt that this was the Lord’s calling for our lives.

Rice fields

Rice fields

It’s now been a few weeks since that Sabbath.  And we have found a lovely new home to stay in right on the edge of beautiful green rice fields! We have more family too!  It’s truly a little paradise here! We feel sure that this is the Lord’s calling.

Please Pray!

Please keep our family back at Sunshine Orchard in your prayers.  They now need two more teachers, and school is starting in less than three weeks!  Pray that God will provide for their needs.  Please for pray for us, too, that God will enable us to do the work He has called us to do here.

Photo’s and Videos

We will be posting more photo’s of our new home as well as some video footage as soon as we have caught our breath . . . God Bless

Michael, Inge and Abigail


About Ross Family Missions

We (Michael and Inge Ross) are currently working as missionaries in Thailand.
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6 Responses to Moving …

  1. Dede Van Buren says:

    Dear Michael and Inge,

    I’m excited for your family! You will be a tremendous asset to the studio! God bless you as you make this change.


    PS – Give Abigail a big hug from me.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Irene says:

    So happy, Michael, that your talents will be used more fully. So sad for the hole left at SO. Confident that God has a plan for that need also… We are praying!

  3. Leri J says:

    Wow, that’s a big step and sudden change. Hope you enjoy your new work. Sounds amazing. Praying for Sunshine Orchard, too. God bless you all in your work for Him. Leri

  4. Martie Evert says:

    Wonderlik, so bly vir julle, die Here weet waar elkeen se plekkie is. Liefde. Ma.

  5. Kirk Van Buren says:

    I am so happy for all of you. WOW! is right! What a change in your lives! I know that God will richly bless your family. I so enjoyed getting to know you all during our brief visit to Sunshine Orchards. Thanks for making our time there very special. We will remember to lift you up in prayer. We miss your family and think of you often. Thanks for the up-date.

    In His Love,
    Kirk Van Buren

    P.S.- Our trip to India was amazing! We feel as if that is where we left our hearts. We could not get over how hospitable the Indian people are. We especially fell in love with children. We miss you all. Here is a link that shows a brief slide presentation of our trip to India.

  6. Ross’s! Wow, so exciting!!! I so wish I could come and check the place out. 🙂 I know for sure God is leading you in your work there! Will continue to pray, and look forward to more updates! 😀

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