A Happy Sad Day

It was already dark when I arrived home from a dentist appointment in Mae Sot (two hours drive away).  I walked into the house and there was no sign of my wife or little Abigail. (At least one of them should have been asleep by now . . .). I unpacked the groceries that I had bought, and then put myself to bed. A short while later Inge came up the stairs with Abigail. She told me that Abigail’s father and grandmother from Burma, were here to visit Abigail!

We have been desperately wanting to get in touch with the father, as there are unanswered questions with regards to us keeping Abigail. Two students went off into Burma to fetch Abigail’s father. Asking him to come and see us. Now this may seem like an ordinary everyday event for most of us, however not so in the jungles of Burma!

Abigail’s father is a “porter” for the Burmese soldiers. As you know by now the Burmese soldiers and the Karen people have been at war for more than 60 years! A “porter” is someone that the Burmese soldiers use for whatever they like! Very often they send porters ahead to crawl on their bellies along pathways in order to make sure that there are no landmines which have been laid. They are terribly used and abused by the Burmese army.

Abigail’s village was attacked by the Burmese Soldiers and when trying to escape Abigail’s mother died in the jungle, due to sickness, malnutrition and exposure. Her father not being able to care for little Abigail (there are three siblings already) asked Sunshine Orchard to help.  When we arrived, we were asked to take care of Abigail (then known as Kukupaw). This we gladly did but soon fell in love with her. The idea of adopting her crossed our mind many times. But how could we? What would the father say?

Meeting with Abigail's father.

Meeting with Abigail’s father.

Early this morning we both went to meet the father and grandmother. This was his third visit to see his daughter since his wife died. He knew that we were keen to adopt her, and so we met. We had been told through interpreters, that he had no objections to us keeping little Abigail.

Abigail's Grandmother

Abigail’s Grandmother

The grandmother was concerned that she may never see her granddaughter again, but we assured her that this was not the case. It seemed that both were in agreement to let Abigail stay with us.

Adoption is undoubtedly a major challenge! Almost an impossibility! A little Karen girl with no identification, born in the jungles of Burma. No mother. The father does not even know when Abigail was born. And now she is a refugee, living in Thailand. All these seemingly insurmountable hurdles to face when considering adoption. Not to mention the fact that we are missionaries with no employment, living on a tourist visa, and no income! All that paints a pretty grim picture!

Guardianship Papers

Guardianship Papers

However we went ahead and drew up papers for “guardianship” of Abigail. The father signed (fingerprinted) the document along with the grandmother and three Karen witnesses. Photo’s were taken of all of us together. We helped them out with medicine, clothing, blankets and transport money, for which they were very thankful.

Abigail's Father

Abigail’s Father

It was a very sad, yet happy moment. Looking into the fathers face, one could only imagine what was going through his mind! The pain, the suffering! The memories of his wife! And now being faced with the decision to give guardianship to strange missionaries. My heart went out to him.

You may ask “why did we insist on guardianship at all”? Good question!

There have been many stories of children who have been left at our children’s home. Left for us to raise and to teach! To give them schooling and to teach them English! English being the most valuable asset. Then after a few years the parents will fetch their children (who now know a bit of English) and send them to the big cities like Bangkok. There they are to work; often with the little girls being used as prostitutes! Little English speaking girls are very sought after as prostitutes. They in turn become sex slaves sending what little money they can earn back home to their parents! That is the reason why we are so hesitant to return these little ones to their parents!

We pray for God’s guidance and leading in the decisions we need to make for every child that comes to Sunshine Orchard. How we would love to just hold on to them all. To shelter and protect them from the evils of this world. Especially the babies! We need lots of prayer and discernment as it is never easy when dealing with these precious souls that God has placed in our care.

We ask that you remember us in your prayers. We pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to know what to do in these difficult circumstances. Please keep all of our children at Sunshine Orchard in your prayers. They are all precious souls for the Kingdom. All precious in His sight.

We look forward to the soon coming of our Lord and Savior when we can all go home at last! Let us all remain faithful until that day.



About Ross Family Missions

We (Michael and Inge Ross) are currently working as missionaries in Thailand.
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6 Responses to A Happy Sad Day

  1. 2frances.ross@gmail.com says:

    Dear Michael & Inge

    We are very happy for you and praying for you both that the Lord will give wisdom and guidance as you take care of this little one. We also pray for the father and other family members of little Abigail, that they may find comfort and peace, knowing that their little Kukupaw is in good hands and that they may learn to know and love the Lord who holds everything in His capable hands.

    God bless you in the work you are doing for Him. Together with you, we are praying for His soon return, to make an end to all this heartache and separation of families.

    Take care. Love you lots.

    Mom & Dad

  2. Been praying for you guys! Love you lots! This is GREAT news to hear! Praise God!

    Gabe P.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Irene says:

    What wonderful news. My heart breaks for the father and grandmother. Thank you for the pictures. Those will be so important to Abigail someday. The first of many prayers to be answered in this process. We continue to pray for all of you and Sunshine Orchard, and our dear IMM students! God Bless, Irene

  4. Martin Clack says:

    Hello Michael and Inge
    We really appreciate you sharing with us from time to time.
    Our God is an Awesome God. He unfolds things according to His will.
    May the Lord our God give you wisdom, patience and a lot of self-sacrificing love as you work for Him there in your part of the world.
    With all our love
    Martin, Debbie and Joshua

  5. Dede Van Buren says:

    This is terrific news! We’re thrilled to hear this answer to prayer!!

    Does this mean you will be able to leave the country and take Abigail with you? Does it mean you will be able to adopt her or just have guardianship?

    Praise God!

    Kirk and Dede

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Yes this is an answer to prayer. So far we just have a letter of guardianship signed by the father and grandmother. This is not an adoption! Adopting her is still a near impossibility. She has no birth papers and is not even registered in Burma or Thailand. (She’s an alien – refugee). So we are still not able to travel with her. (Only up and down the border area – no where else!). If we are caught travelling with her anywhere else we could be stopped for child-trafficking! 15 years imprisonment!! So we need to tread very carefully. Hopefully the Lord is still opening doors for us to adopt little Abigail. We will just have to wait patiently on Him!

      Trust all is going well with your missions trip in India! Love to all!

      God Bless


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