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Medical Missionary Training Center

A few weeks ago I was teaching my Medical Missionary class, and trying to explain to them the difference between good fats and bad fats! The bad fats were easy as they all knew that meat had fat on it! They could also understand that oil for cooking was a fat and that it was bad for you. That was the easy part, however the challenge came when trying to explain – Good Fats!

Teaching Grade 9 Class

You see no one in my class had ever seen an Avocado before! Olives were also another challenge as they had never seen olives before either. Then I was totally surprised to find out that most of them did not know what Nuts were! Could this be possible! We Westerners take so many foods for granted that the local people in Thailand just simply never get to experience. If only I had a projector. I would be able to use powerpoint presentations and show the class pictures of what I am talking about . . . .

Little did I know that that would be the start of a whole new project – “Wings 4 Christ!

Travis who does a lot of our interpreting for us, mentioned to me that they do have a small projector which was donated to them. He took me to see the projector – smaller than the size of my hand! Wow – now that was small! But how bright could such a small projector be? We decided to put it to the test, and it passed with flying colors! It was bright and powerful enough for the whole class to get a good look at avocado’s, nuts and olives, and many wonderful fruits that the Lord has created for us! I was sold, and from then on I have been using this small little projector in all my classes.

It was then that Travis mentioned that he wished that the small projector could actually be put to even better use! You see it comes complete with solar panels and back-up battery, in a neat back-pack kit ready for evangelism. (Visit the Wings 4 Christ link to see more pictures. There are also photo’s available in our photo album, as well as a video of our test flight.)

Immediately I started thinking! . . .

Ultralight Plane

A short while back we were donated an Ultralight Aircraft (this is similar to a microlight ). We were somewhat unsure of what exactly we were suppose to do with the plane, when I put two and two together! Wings 4 Christ! It sounded like a great idea.

Slowly this idea began growing in my head. What if we were to equip the plane with a complete bible study presentation, projector, big screen, and sound system, and fly to remote parts of Thailand – maybe even Burma, and present big screen Bible studies! I thought it was a great idea! However there were a few problems.

First: An ultralight aircraft can only carry a maximum of two people!

Second: A Bible study presentation in the “Karen” language doesn’t exist!

Third: The ultralight would not be able to carry a second person and all the equipment!

So I did some more thinking and praying about it . . . .

I immediately started working on a powerpoint presentation that would do three things:

  1. Have a complete slide show ready for presentation to the Karen/Thai people, so that any pastor or lay-evangelist who can speak the language could use it!
  2. The second option would be to add an audio option for each slide, so that when the presenter clicked on the slide, an audio presentation would be heard in the Karen language. Hence no need for the evangelist to speak in Karen!
  3. The third option would be the most challenging. I would direct a short Bible study video clip for each presentation, in the Karen language. This way even if you could not speak the language you would be able to watch a Bible study video, in the Karen language, with a presenter in the movie doing all the talking – all on a BIG SCREEN.

It all sounded great! So I started work immediately by writing the script for the Bible studies / Video presentations. We have worked out 10 introductory topics to present to the Karen people. These lessons are tailor-made to suit the Karen needs. It is in such basic language, that even the person who has never even heard of the Bible or God, would be able to follow the studies without any problem.

Currently I am at study number 6 and have four more studies to go! Travis who has the time consuming job of overseeing the translation work, has his hands full with trying to translate simple English words like “Welcome” into Karen! (Apparently it doesn’t really exist).

We are all very excited about the project and know that the Lord will bless. But the problem still remained about the aircraft. One plane was not enough! Would it be too much to ask God for a second?

We have drawn up a rough draft of exactly what our custom plane should look like. The biggest challenge was to keep the weight down so that take-off and landing would require the least amount of runway – under 60 feet!

God Answers Prayers

The idea was to put up my blog and to request funding for the second plane. In kit form we would be looking at $17 000.00 excluding postage, customs, and licensing of the plane! But we decided to go ahead in faith!

Before I had time to post this blog God had already heard and answered our prayers.

  • We have someone in America who is prepared to all the necessary welding work for our plane – FREE OF CHARGE!
  • This same person has decided to sponsor us an engine for the plane – FREE OF CHARGE!
  • We also have someone who is willing to assemble the entire plane for us – (you guessed it) FREE OF CHARGE!


Now we are looking to purchase the materials for the plane! Rough estimates put the cost of materials for the plane at under $8000.00. We then still need funding for postage and customs which would probably bring the total up to about $10 000.00. But so far the Lord has not let us down!

We are stepping out in faith, claiming His promises to supply our every need! We are sure that God will move on the hearts of the necessary people who are willing to support this project.

If you would like to read more about this project please visit “Wings 4 Christ“. You will be able to see the complete projector kit as well as our current ultralight! There are many photo’s, as well as a video clip of the first test flight we did on the plane!

Please keep us in your prayers as the Lord continues to bless His project and to use those who are willing to support this exciting evangelism project!

Should you have any questions please contact us – by clicking here! Or feel free to leave your comments below.

God Bless



About Ross Family Missions

We (Michael and Inge Ross) are currently working as missionaries in Thailand.
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  1. Frances says:

    Praise God for His goodness. He loves us more than we can ever imagine and is aware of our needs even before we can ask. Praying for you always. God Bless!! Mom

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