Our Journey!

10 July 2012 marks the beginning of a new journey with the Lord.

Inge and I have decided to join our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, at Sunshine Orchard, on the western border of Thailand, to assist them in ministering to the Karen People from Burma!

We trust you will be richly blessed and inspired as we try to keep you up to date with God’s leading in our lives.

Please keep us in your thoughts; we need your support and encouragement, and above all your prayers! Click on the link below in order to subscribe to our most recent blog posts!

God Bless

Michael and Inge


3 Responses to Our Journey!

  1. malcolm lea says:

    Michael my friend and my friend Inge

    ****this is amazing. you are going to real mission work. please send me further information. you are going from rich to poor form liberal to conservative from teaching English to looking after children. father and mother Ross.

    Michael and Inge I wish you well in our God. be of service to your full. you will not regret.
    Mal (oLD caMEL)

  2. Chuck Holtry says:

    I am excited for both of you and for Sunshine Orchard. God bless you in this venture of faith and grace!

  3. Martie Evert says:

    Hallo daar!! Ek hoop ek is nou in! Dit gaan baie interessant wees. BAie liefde

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